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Montreal Psychotherapy

Why see a psychologist



People usually choose to see a psychologist when they want to work on an aspect of their life that causes them suffering, or to benefit from a space to express themselves and grow. The reasons for consultations are sometimes very specific, and other times they can be harder to define. The reasons may affect one or many aspects of our lives. Here are some examples of reasons why people may consult a psychologist.

  • Anxiety (stress, phobias, social anxiety, and others)

  • Depression or burnout

  • Traumas

  • Questions about personal and/or professional life

  • Grief or separation

  • Low self esteem

  • Relational difficulties (conflicts, harassment, violence, affective dependence, and others)

  • Automatic patterns

  • Personal growth

  • Chronic pain and serious medical conditions

Psychothérapie Montréal
Psychothérapie Montréal
First session



The first session consists of an evaluation of the problem for which you are asking for help. This is your chance to let me know what your expectations are. This is also an opportunity to evaluate if you are comfortable working with me. My role is centered on you: the client. My goal is to proceed at a pace at you are comfortable with, at your own rhythm, and to assist you to the best of my ability.

I also take the time during the first session to explain to you the nature of the services that can be offered. I also will talk to you about the therapeutic context and confidentiality. Don’t hesitate to ask me any question you have about psychotherapy, whether it is during the first session or during the treatment.




The duration of psychotherapy may vary by client. It is possible to engage in short-term psychotherapy (10-15 sessions) if you wish to work on a precise aspect of a problem. However, some issues, for example when it comes to personality or relational patterns, usually take more sessions (up to a few years). There are different approaches in psychotherapy.

To learn more about the different psychological

Beyond the approach used, I consider the establishment of a mutual and trusting relationship to be essential. Working together collaboratively, it is important for me to agree with my clients on realistic objectives and concrete means to achieve them.

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes and length and usually take place one per week. I work in private practice from Monday to Wednesday (days only). I work with adults and seniors, in French and English. The cost is 120$ per session (check or cash accepted).

I accept mandates from IVAC and CNESST. Receipts are given periodically for tax purposes and insurances regulation

Psychothérapie Montréal
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